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App description

Ever wondered what is your team’s mood at the moment? Is it going up or down with time? Maybe something in the team is not going quite well but people are hesitant to share it openly?

Teamood provides an easy and completely anonymous* way for every team member to share their daily mood. It shows the mood for the whole team on a graph, so that you can see the trend and take actions based on the real data and not just assumptions.

Do you care what the mood of your team is and do you want to improve it? Install now and start the path to a happy team.

* We don't collect any personal data (only Slack user id and team id) when tracking mood. We might collect your timezone only to be able to send mood tracking notifications during the day and not in the night. We also don't share any user related information when providing the mood tracking report (check screenshots below).


Teamood Slack statistics

Teamood Slack statistics


To get started follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the app using the button on top of this page.
  2. Add this app to the channel were you want to start tracking mood (e.g. your team's channel).
  3. Type /teamood start in the channel to start tracking mood. After that the app will post a special message every day with buttons to track mood. Mood tracking is anonymous.
  4. To get the report for the last 7 days, type /teamood report in the channel.

Valid commands:


📧 If have any feedback feel free to drop an email to

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